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"Now You Can Get A Lifetime Guarantee On The No 1 Selling Central Vac In Calgary!"

Get a Cleanflo central vacuum / built-in vacuum system installed by Alberta Vacuum Experts Ltd. and we'll give you a lifetime guarantee on the motor and a lifetime guarantee on clog-free operation including parts and labour!

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Better Cleaning Power!

     Is your vacuum cleaner really getting all the dust and bacteria out of your carpet or is it leaving much of it behind, causing allergies and making your family sick? 

     Cleanflo provides Industrial Power Suction that gets rid of deep down dirt, broken glass, allergy inducing pet hair, tacks and nails.  Cleanflo's power is amazing.  Read below for details.  

Commercial Motor Design
Gives You More Durability And Cleaning Power

     The Lindhaus brush motor is the best in the industry with 5 to 10 times the life of a typical domestic powerbrush motor.  Other built-in vacuum powerbrush motors last for 150 to 200 hours.  The Cleanflo Lindhaus powerbrush motor lasts for about 1,200 hours. This extended life is attributed to its superior construction, engineering, materials and a design that originatedcleanflo central vac for commercial applications.  The Cleanflo Central Vac powerbrush has a larger motor (24-bar commutator) that produces less heat and uses less electricity which combines to give you a motor that lasts much longer than other powerbrushes.  

Computer Balanced Roller Brush
 You More Speed With Less Noise 

     You can have a normal conversation even when the vacuum cleaner is running!  The Cleanflo central vac powerbrush contains thirteen pieces of sound-absorbing foam and rubber insulators.  This brings down the sound of the motor to less than normal conversation levels (62 dB).  The sound is further reduced by computer balancing the roller brush which means less vibration and longer brush, belt and bearing life.  The bearings are actually rubber cushioned, sealed ball bearings (as opposed to bushings) which require less power for high cleaning  efficiency at 5,000 RPM. 

Roller Brushes Last Longer

     The roller brush has 360 degree convergent bristles which last up to 800 hours where typical domestic roller bristle life is only 50 to 150 hours. And the cogged, fiberglass reinforced belt is so strong that we gave it a five-year warranty. 

More Uniform Cleaning With Better Air Flow Channels

Cleanflo central vacuums pick up more dust and debris.  Improper airflow vents in the powerhead reduce the amount of suction that actually gets to your floor.  The durable, Lindhaus base plate shoe has serrated air channels in the front and sides for better air flow.  The air channel is directly in the middle of the head for maximum air flow and maximum suction. 

Specially Developed Non-Marking Tires Won't Stain Your Floor

     You can clean your floor with confidence with the Cleanflo high performance powerbrush.  The special rubber used in the powerhead tires won't leave any unsightly marks on your floor.  

Easily Stands Upright When You Stop For A Break

     No more tripping over the vacuum cleaner!  Cleanflo central vacs are designed to stand upright so they don't get in anyone's way.  

Swivel Neck In Powerhead Saves Time

     The powerbrush connector swivels so you don't have to go back and forth around objects multiple times.  This saves time and aggravation.   

State-Of-The-Art Computer Assisted Cleaning Settings

     Proven integrated circuits protect the motor and the transmission from overload and assist the operator in making the most efficient brush height setting

  This is the first powerbrush to offer integrated circuitry that protects the motor transmission and belt from overload and also assists the operator in making the most efficient brush height setting.

     If the brush height is too high or too low, the appropriate indicator light turns on so the operator can fine tune to the specific carpet being cleaned. This electronic chip also monitors the motor condition several times a second for excessive amp load and will instantly shut down the motor if certain parameters are exceeded. If this happens, the brush can be reset by simply turning off the switch back on again. No awkward button to locate.

     This same integrated circuit also limits the RPM of the motor to reduce free spinning - a further contribution to the reduction of noise levels.

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Guaranteed Clog Free For Life! 

If You Want Worry-Free Vacuuming
Buying The Right Central Vac System Is Not Enough...
You Have To Have The Right Person Installing It!

  Alberta Vacuum Experts Ltd. use certified installers. Our installers have an averageof 20 years experience. They are qualified central vacuum system experts!

  Alberta Vacuum Experts Ltd. installers use the highest grade products to do the job. Here is an example of a job (done by someone else) that was not done right (left) where the pipes were getting clogged. The next example (right) shows the same job after our installers did it the right way:

Central Vacuum Improperly Installed   Central Vacuum Properly Installed
Central Vacuum System
Installed Improperly  
Central Vacuum System
Installed Properly

     See the difference?  When a central vacuum system is installed properly there are no sudden right angle turns where dirt and debris can get stuck.  

     Alberta Vacuum Experts give you a lifetime guarantee that you will not have clogs in your vacuum pipelines...including parts and labour!  

     ...And we install on weekends!

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Improve Your Health:
Eliminate Air Pollution And Dust-Mites From Your Home!

      Cleanflo is the best thing you could do to improve the air quality of your home.  A central vacuum system sends allergy and sickness producing dust and micro-organisms away from the living area into the dust bag in your garage or basement.  The air that filters out of the Cleanflo central vac is clean, breathable, healthy air.

Cleanflo Can Be Installed In New Homes, Renovated Homes And Existing Homes

"A Cleanflo central vacuum system 
is the most affordable thing you could do
to increase the value of your home."

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